Re-use of shopping bags without ensuring they were cleaned

We produce quality food for the world market. For more information about this product, please visit our website at site In a recent report that the growing trend to re-use shopping bags to prevent damage caused by the number of shopping bags that end up in landfills, it can be a cause unforeseen health problems.

According to a recent study, which could jeopardize our health by reusing shopping bags and shopping bags of joint friendly? Dangers study shows that half of recycled and eco-friendly shopping bags tested traces found lethal toxin E. stick “and other similar shopping bags are infected with pathogens such as Salmonella. These insects can cause food poisoning

Which can cause health problems and even death, the report said, and warned of the danger of re-use of shopping bags without ensuring they were cleaned? Despite health problems, it does not mean that all queues carry shopping bags are harmful to the environment, which remain in landfills for decades and decompose.

Shopping bags were. Problem, as its use has increased dramatically over two decades ago in the UK there are millions of these shopping bags every year – many of which are still long and damaging the environment they left support. Clean solution reusable shopping bags to buy good quality green shopping bags and make sure they are cleaned regularly to maintain a clean environment

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